onsdag den 21. april 2010

Useful function for left trimming 0's in a string.

A colleague of mine made this little function.
It strips leading 0's in a string.
The string may only be a 1000 characters long, but that can be modified by changing 1000 to an other value.

static TempStr strLtrim0(TempStr txt,str 1 trim = '0')
int i = strNfind(txt,trim,1,1000);
return i ? subStr(txt,i,1000) : '';

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi,
    using strings in x++ normally sized 1000 chars,
    but there are exceptions...

  2. Hi,

    You can use TrimStart for this as well.
    Like this:

    System.String myString2Trim="0000123-456-000-789";
    System.String trimChars="0";

    (PS: Like your blog!)


    Willy (blog at http://dynamics-ax-live.blogspot.com)