fredag den 4. september 2009

Extracting labels from one labelfile to another

Recently I've had an assignment where we needed to "split up" a label file.

The assignment was to:
* read thorugh a label file.
* If any labels were encountered with a number bigger then N these should be written to a new label file AND any references to these labels should be replaced in the code.

So I exported all adjustments/code made to an .xpo file, and
I took a copy of the label file.

Then I wrote a class that did the "splitting up" of the label file and the search/replace of labels in the code (.xpo file).

This made for use of an other entry in this blog, namely extracting text from a label, and for some interesting use of the TextBuffer object for search/replace.

Here you can download the code.
Use at own risk !!!