torsdag den 14. januar 2010

Mental note to self - disabling upgrade check list

Today I experienced that the Administration menu in AX 3.0 was very limited.
This was due to a previous upgrade of the Payroll module, resulting in the upgrade check list was to be run.
However the upgrade had been done in a dev/test- environment and been moved to a test/live environment.

Thus the need to complete the full upgrade check list was nonscence.
However we couldn't deactivate the upgrade check list via the menu, because the administration menu was limited to showing the Periodic menu node only.

However we could access the AOT :).

Mental note to self:
If you want to disable the upgrade check list but for some reasone you have no access to the Administration menu item Administration/Setup/System/Checklists/Prevent startup of list you can activate the Action menu item SysCheckList_InitNoUpdate. :)

Restart the AX client, and the Administration menu should be complete :).
That was what I experienced anyhow.

20\01\2010 - UPDATE
Well one more thing to mention about this little problem. Today we encountered the problem at a customer site, but with an additional twist. The twist being that we were not able to run the menuitem from the AOT, because of insufficient rights !!!

Ouch ... then what to do ?

Well I examined the class hierachy that among other things runs the upgrade check list and found the static method


I copied the code in this method to a job (remembering the macro #SysCheckList in classdeclation of SysChecklist

static void Job10(Args _args)

SysSetupLog::saveEx(classstr(SysCheckListItem_Synchronize), ''); //Do not run Synchronize
SysSetupLog::saveEx(classstr(SysCheckListItem_SynchronizeUpgrade), ''); //same
SysSetupLog::saveEx(classstr(SysCheckList_Upgrade), #CheckListFinished); //Do not run upgrade
SysSetupLog::saveEx(classstr(SysCheckListItem_Compile), ''); //Do not run compile
SysSetupLog::saveEx(classstr(SysCheckList_Setup), #CheckListFinished); //Do not run setup

Ran that and the check upgrade list didn't start up any more :)