mandag den 26. april 2010

Don't override the tabChange-method on a tab.

Working on a Dynmics AX 4.0, I learned today (from a wizard-level colleague), that overriding the tabChange-method on a tab in a form in Dynamic AX/Axapta, disallows the usersetup of the tab and all of it's children.

My problem was that a customer complained that they were not able to make a user setup of the form and add fields to a tab and all tabpages below that tab on the PurchTable-form.

The customization:

public boolean tabChange(int fromTab)
boolean ok;

ok = super(fromTab);

if (ok)

return ok;

had been added to the tab.

Seing that the method call


was present in
pageActivated-method on the tabpage TabHeaderPostings in the SYS-layer (!),
I decided to remove the above customization.

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