tirsdag den 3. maj 2011

Axapta & Dynamics ax 4.0 & 2009: Formatting real-controls i AX reports using x++ code PART II

A classic problem with ERP-systems running in multinational enterprises is the formatting of amount fields in a report.

One aspect of this is that the different currencies in which the different national companies of an enterprise operates can vary a lot with regards to number of digits in the amount.

E.g. the exchange rate between a danish kroner and an indonesian rupiah is (at time of writing):

1 DKK - 1524,75 IDR.

This would for an amount of 1 million danish kroner yield an converted amount of 1,524,750,000.75 IDR. An amount of the size can result in the Dynamics AX core returning

Today I was asked by a customer, to come up with a prototype for user enabling the setting of widths of fields on a report

The class that formats Real fields can be found here:

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