onsdag den 16. november 2011

Project accounting 3 - Dynamics AX 2012 - indirect cost / burden

I was tasked with getting an indirect cost setup to work in project accounting 3, but encountered some problems.

Having read the excellent set up guide at http://www.dynamicscare.com/blog/index.php/applying-indirect-burden-costs-to-project-ax-2012-labor-actuals/comment-page-1#comment-3324  (Thanks to Merrie Cosby for this) I proceeded to make the set up according to this guide, but failed to get it working. :(

After some debugging I found that there is an error in the calculation of indirect costs when you run Dynamics AX 2012 in other languages than english.

When setting up Compounding Rules the “Base amount” that you chose, is actually hardcoded in the logic that makes the calculations.

The error can be found in

class PSAIndirectCostCalculation
method calculate:

#define.BaseComponent(‘Base amount’)

This could be corrected so that the define is


And the check for the BaseComponent

if (_sId == #BaseComponent)

is changed to

if (_sId == strFmt(#BaseComponent))

Then at least it works in danish language. :0)