fredag den 28. marts 2014

Show elements in a model from the ABOUT Dynamics AX form

Being in a situation where I needed to determine if a certain AOT-element was included in an installed model, I wonder why Microsoft didn't link the form showing installed models (Help / About Microsoft Dynamics AX / (link) Show installed models) or (Tools / Model management / Models installed) with the form showing Elements in installed models (Tools / Model management / Model elements.

Opening the About Dynamics AX form you are able to access the list of installed models in the application, but you can not drill down to the elements included in the model. You'll have to go to the other form and make a filter to view the elements in a model.

So I quickly made the attached code project, which simply adds a button (Elements) to the Installed models form, so that you can see a list of the elements included in the model.

In the element list you can open the cross reference for each element, to make further drill down as to which elements are using the element included in the installed model with the button (Used by) which opens the cross reference for the chosen element. Be aware however that the cross reference form might "hide" behind the Model windows as it is workspace Window.


As always - use at own risk.

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