torsdag den 8. november 2012

Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in document services and queries with missing relatios

While working on an assignment where I among other things had to prepare a new query for use with document services and the Excel add-in.

The query consisted of three nested data sources, where two was standard tables and the third was a new table which I had added to the system.

First version worked just fine. I exposed the query through document services and I could get data in Excel.

The for some reason I decided to change the relations on the table I had added, for reasons that I forget.

However suddenly my query was not showing up in the pick list, when I using the "Dynamics AX" / Add Data button i Excel.

The reason ? I had messed up the relation from my new table to the standard table, making the relation empty.

The Excel add-in reacts by simply not showing the now invalid query in the list, but it does not warn you that something is wrong.

I got a clue to this, by trying to use "Add table" instead going directly for my new table.
Then Excel add-in showed me an error message, where it stated that something was wrong in the relation.

I proceeded to correct the table relation, and voila, my query was back in action to serve as a Document data source.

So if you experience that your query will not show up in the Excel add-in try checking that the table relations of the tables used in the query, or the relations used in the query are valid.